Monday, February 9, 2009

Greg Horn

After returning from the cluster that was ComicCon, I am focused on what had been one of my favorite comic illustrators, Greg Horn. I stopped at Greg’s booth and briefly spoke to him about his art and subsequently, purchased a book of his work. There is a piece in it that jumped out at my due to the drama which I would like to discuss. It is Spiderman/Daredevil (I don’t know if there is another name.) There are dramatic darks in this piece and a color palette in the subdued red-yellow-orange range of the color wheel. It is noteworthy to mention that this is a digitally painted image over a fully rendered pencil drawing which is the typical way Greg Horn works. The glowing sun in the background against the dark Spiderman figure is a great draw for the eye. The diffused light from the sun is masterly rendered around the figures filling in parts of the shadow areas to add depth to the piece. The one thing that I am actually going to criticize, and this is purely a subjective viewpoint is that I dislike Greg’s usage for red-purple hues for the shadow areas on Daredevil and on the building in the mid-ground. They seem out of place and conflict with the color palette in my opinion. Otherwise, this is a beautiful image that conveys a great depth of emotion.


  1. Actually the red-purple shadows are one of my favorite parts about this piece. :-) Otherwise Spiderman's electric blue legs would draw all the visual focus.

    It is a striking piece overall.

  2. Thanks for looking Tara! I don't think that it is the use of the red-purple itself, I just think that perhaps the temperature is a bit too warm for the color and that perhaps a slightly different hue would have been a better choice.

  3. Heya Mark - I really like the idea behind the blog. Inspiring stuff.


  4. Its interesting to note the purple. I believe I'll have to agree with Mark on this one. Its a really monochromatic piece for the most part and the red-purple throws it off a bit. Maybe my computer screen isn't at peak performance, but Spiderman's legs actually appear almost grayish in contrast to all the reds and oranges. I've never been a big Greg Horn fan, but I must say this is a really beautiful painting. Although no relation whatsoever in content matter, the colors and the value hierarchy remind me a lot of George Inness's landscapes.