Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jasper Francis Cropsey

The Spirit of War. This image has such a mythical feel to it, from the castle tower in the setting sunlight to the immense mountain in the left. There is so much color and movement in this piece, the greens, the complimentary reds, blues in the clouds, oranges in the sky and on the ground outside the gate. There is a great amount of detail it is hard to analyze, especially since I am brain dead at the moment. I think I will let this one settle in my psyche and pick this up tomorrow. To be continued...

Monday: Ok. Now that I am a bit more lucid, I feel I am able to look at this image more analytically. I have been taking these images and setting them as my computer wallpaper in order to not only look at them, but to let them affect me subconsciously. What I was able to determine was that the strength of this painting is in its underlying abstract composition. I have attached two other images, one of the detail blurred out and another of the value patterns in this image. When the detail is removed, the image still retains and interest abstract pattern of shapes and colors that are contiguous, interlocking and interesting. Looking at the value image, again we see an interesting set of values with darker values at the bottom for weight, lighter values on top and the highest value smack dab in the middle of the heavy dark values creating a focus point due to the high contrast area. Adding the color and detail to these two immensely powerful compositional characteristics simply makes the image better. But the in underlying composition is the key.

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